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Livingston COMMUNITY PREVENTION Project Overview

“Supporting community health and wellness”

The Livingston COMMUNITY PREVENTION Project (LCPP) was formed in 2008 to provide substance abuse prevention services throughout Livingston County.

Karen Bergbower & Associates, Key Development Center, Inc., LACASA, & Livingston County Catholic Charities are the collaborative partners of the LCPP. These agencies work together to implement several prevention programs that have been proven to impact substance use and related problems.

LCPP provides an array of prevention services that target all sectors of Livingston County, including parents, schools, and community, to achieve the following goals:

  • Delay the age of first use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD).

  • Increase the proportion of youth who perceive parental disapproval of ATOD.

  • Decrease the proportion of youth and adults who report past month ATOD.

  • Decrease prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse.