Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA)

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is a community-based program. The objective of CMCA is to reduce the flow of alcohol to youth from illegal sales by retail establishments, and from other adults in the community. Effectively limiting the accessibility of alcohol to teens not only directly reduces teen drinking, but also communicates a clear, social norm in the community that underage drinking is inappropriate and unacceptable. CMCA program components include:

  • Working with law enforcement to conduct alcohol compliance checks. These “stings” use young adults, under the age of 21, who act as decoys and attempt to purchase alcohol at local retailers, including party stores and restaurants. An undercover officer accompanies the minor at all times. If the retailer sells alcohol to the minor, appropriate action by the undercover officer will be taken.
  • Responsible Beverage Server Training. The goal of this training is to help waiters, waitresses, bartenders, or any other person who serves alcohol, learn how to safely serve alcohol to customers. This includes identifying when a patron is intoxicated, checking IDs, encouraging responsible drinking, and defusing troublesome situations. All establishments in Michigan who has staff that serves alcohol are mandated to participate in a Responsible Beverage Server Training class. This training is discounted for Livingston County bars and restaurants.
  • One-On-Ones. These informal interviews are used to gauge the community’s perception about underage drinking in Livingston County. They are used to identify changes in community beliefs, evaluate underage drinking campaigns, and encourage community involvement.
  • Policy and Procedure Change. This component utilizes information gathered from one-on-one interviews to identify and change community policies and procedures that contribute to underage drinking.

CMCA has also been adapted to address opiate use. This includes utilizing the Livingston County Community Alliance’s Big Red Barrel for prescription medication disposal, speaking with local doctors about the importance of safe prescribing, and providing community presentations about the dangers of opiate use and heroin. The LCPP acts as a support to the Livingston County Community Alliance (LCCA), a county-wide coalition that aims to reduce and prevent youth substance use, and provides many activities and programs that focus on opiate use.

For more information about CMCA and its activities, please contact Livingston County Catholic Charities at 517-545-5944.