Prevention – Alcohol

Here are some tips on what parents can do to prevent underage drinking:

  • Maintain a positive parent-teen relationshipHappy family of five together at home
  • Communicate with your teen
  • Provide protective boundaries for your teen
  • Monitor your teen’s use of the internet
  • Recognize and respond to warning signs such as a drop in grades, lack of interest in hobbies, secretiveness, mood swings, headaches, and bloodshot eyes.
  • Set a good example of responsible adult behavior
  • Get involved in preventing underage alcohol use


What people can do to prevent underage drinking in their community:

  • Get active in local prevention efforts.
  • Advocate for policy change regarding underage drinkingportrait of a group of people standing together
  • Talk to friends and family about underage drinking and its impact on the community
  • Sign the Safe Homes pledge
  • Educate yourself on Michigan’s Social Host Law