Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) is a program that is implemented in Livingston County public middle and high schools, including two alternative schools, that targets a broad range of students who are at a higher risk of using substances. The LCPP places Project SUCCESS Counselors in the schools. The counselors primarily work with teens individually and in small groups; conduct drug prevention/education discussions and programs, coordinate substance abuse services and policies of the school, and refer and follow up with students and families needing substance abuse treatment. In addition, resistance in social competency skills, such as communication, decision making, stress and anger management, problem solving and resisting peer pressure are taught.

Program components include:

  • An eight week group session that helps students identify and resist pressures to use substances, correct misperceptions about the prevalence and acceptability of substance use, and understand the consequences of substance use while integrating other topics
  • Implementing school-wide activities such as the promotion of MOST Teens Don’t Use
  • Parent education that provides parents with informational meetings, materials, and community resources
  • Individual and group counseling, which is time-limited for youth following an individual assessment
  • Providing referrals to appropriate agencies or practitioners if students and parents need more intensive counseling or treatment