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  • Heavy drinking can make some health problems worse. It is important to talk to your doctor if you have problems like high blood sugar (diabetes). Heavy drinking can also cause health problems such as weak bones (osteoporosis).C
  • Because over-consumption of alcohol suppresses the immune system, it puts drinkers at increased risk of infection. It also impairs the balance and judgment of older adults, increasing the likelihood of falls and other accidents.
  • Many prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and herbal remedies can be dangerous or even deadly when mixed with alcohol. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can safely drink alcohol.

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How to Help Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

-Educate yourself and your child about the dangers of misusing prescription medication

-Learn about the most commonly abused types of prescription medications (pain relievers, sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizers).

-Communicate the dangers to your child regularly.

Understand why teens abuse prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs. These reasons most commonly include stress around family life and relationships; academic competition; trying to fit in; the balance between school work, grades, and extracurricular activities.

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-Secure your own medication in a place where people cannot freely access. Examples include prescription lock boxes. These prices can range between $10-$25 depending on the size of the box.

-Download a Home Medicine Inventory Card, write down the name and amount of medications you currently have, and regularly check to see that nothing is missing.

-Properly dispose of old and unused medications. If you live in or near Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Lenawee County, Shiawassee County, Iosco County, Alcona County, Alpena County, Presque Isle County, Oscoda County, Montmorency County, or Ogemaw County Michigan, please visit the county’s permanent prescription medication collection units, known as the Big Red Barrel. Please click here for additional take-back programs in Michigan.

-For the latest guidelines on safe and proper disposal of medications, click here.

-Pass the information along to friends and family

Information provided by: Partnership for a Drug-Free America. (N.D.)
Getting high on prescription and over-the-counter drugs is dangerous. [Brochure].

Watch for These Danger Signs That May Relate to Prescription Drug Abuse in Older Adults:

-Memory lapses

-Unsteady gait, falls

-Changes in sleeping pattern

-Irritability, sadness, or depressionDoctor Speaking with Patient

-Unexplained chronic pain

-Changes in eating habits

-Increased isolation from friends and family

-Poor personal hygiene

-Inability to concentrate

-General loss of interest

If many of these symptoms sound like things you or someone close to you is experiencing, be sure to consult with a their doctor.

Information provided by: Partnership for a Drug-Free America. (N.D.)
Getting high on prescription and over-the-counter drugs is dangerous. [Brochure]. ; John Hopkins Health. (2010, April 13).
Prescription Drugs Special Report: Drug Abuse and the Elderly.
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