Youth PhotoVoice

Youth PhotoVoice is a process in which youth capture and record their thoughts and perceptions about a specific topic in order to be seen and heard by those within a community. PhotoVoice can reflect a myriad of topics and is an opportunity to educate youth while giving them a platform to be heard. Within Livingston County, Youth PhotoVoice focuses on substance use issues. Youth from around the county, including Pinckney Community High School’s Students Leading Students (SLS) and Hartland High School, work together on the events in their communities. Several meetings are held, facilitated by the PhotoVoice Coordinator, utilizing the core components of youth-led prevention education, to maximize the impact on the youth and the community at large. PhotoVoice encourages youth to communicate with one another and generates discussion about youth substance use throughout the community. PhotoVoice pictures are available for public display and are regularly displayed throughout the county. For more information on PhotoVoice, please contact Karen Bergbower and Associates at 810-225-9550.